Smart Composite and
Polymer Applications

With our specific know-how and our experience in implementing complex tasks, we develop innovative products and plastic composite parts, for our customers.

Expertise and innovation
of plastics and fiber composite materials

From product concepts & designs over the development of components, tools and production technologys to  production-ready prototypes. For small series, e.g. for medical Technology, or for large scale production for international automotive OEMs.


our network of universities,  
fiber composite experts and producers, we are working on selected research projects. Especially the design of large-series-fiber composite parts and their process is examined.


From product concept to mass production we develop innovative plastic and composite parts with our partners. Our portfolio includes e.g. FEA-calculation of complex textile-reinforced thermoplastic components, the CAD design of injection molds for rubber or the development of large standard processesfor carbon components for the automotive industry. The expertise  of our specialists covers many industries -  worldwide.


Following frequent customer requirements, we not only manage the development phase, but also
 we can produce the products in own responsibility. The application of various processes ensures
 economic production e.g. injection moulding of thermoplastics and rubber moulding of SMC and prepreg or resin-infusion process.